Manannan will leave or go to sleep... Manannan’s House. They’ll tell you about the hidden treasure which is buried five steps to the east of a lone palm tree. When Mannanan appears, he will tell you to do a … Look in the chest to find your things, then close the chest again. Walk down to the study, open cabinet, move book and pull lever. Fly north, east and east. 2.put the dog fur in the bowl. Stir storm brew with finger and say brew of storms churn it up! Manannan will appear and say he is awake. Get chicken feather and open gate to walk out. Wait here until he appears and says he will have a nap (for 25 minutes). He’ll be hungry again so go down to the dining room table and give porridge to Manannan. great god thor, i call on you. Go upstairs and head east to your room. Run away if there are pirates. var today = new Date(); On the wall left of the fireplace is a KNIFE (1/5) on a rack and a SPOON … When he returns you must be in the house and not have any magic items on you, marked with a *, in your inventory. Go down the stairs to the laboratory and cast the remaining spells. North into his bedroom and look in the mirror. 6.mix with hands. When he arrives, go east to the dining room and give the mutton to Manannan. There are three spells you want to cast, understanding the language of creatures, flying like an eagle of fly and transforming another into a cat. Climb this rock, then keep following the path to reach a stream, then an icy path.